Corruption - 
The Business Case

2/3 of all countries in the world are corrupt or very corrupt. Corruption costs 10 % of global trade and 7 % of the turnover in an average US company. For Telia Company, corrupt business practices cost 960 million USD in legal fines. Money-laundering, intimately related to the processing of bribes, caused the value of  Danske Bank to plummet 100 billion kronor. 

International laws require companies to actively prevent corruption and have proven, adequate procedures in place. Failing to do so, is a criminal offence.

Sweden is one of the world´s least corrupt countries. Yet, 47 per cent of companies in Sweden say they have been subject to economic crime. No organisation today, regardless of location, is unchallenged.

What we see is only perception. Most of the time, it is only the tip of an iceberg. This is reflected in the philisophy of CredAbility and in our logo.

Our vision is to empower companies and investors to take control of how their organisations or assets manage corruption and integrity risks. We want to shape how modern asset management is perceived, by turning anti-corruption efforts into effective value. 




Louise Brown (MSc, Post-grad. Dipl.)

CEO & Co-founder

Louise is an ISO37001 Lead Auditor, World Bank Integrity Compliance Expert, Local Research Correspondent on Corruption to the EU-commission, Author and frequently engaged speaker. She has 20 years of interational business experience and is a fluent speaker of Mandarin, English and Swedish.


Helena Sjöholm

Co-founder & Associate

Helena Sjöholm is the former chairperson of the Swedish working Group on ISO37001, approved ISO37001 auditor, and currently the ambassador to Sweden for International Integrated Reporting Council. Helena is a recognized authority on board evaluation and has a long track record working with public sector organisations.