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CredAbility co-founder speaking at IACC

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

At the bi-annual Interantional Anti-Corruptin Conference held in Copenhagen 24th October 2018, CredAbility co-founder Louise Brown had the honour to represent Transparency International Sweden and speak at the seminar "The Nordic Myth Revisited".

Together with fellow panelists, Brown discussed the notion that the Nordics brand has an embedded ethical approach to doing business and hence have no need for strict regulations or policies. It was argued that the Nordic myth is indeed a myth by all the experts but there were different perspectives on this. Nordic business representatives are on the one hand often insufficiently aware of local circumstances and the conditions in which they operate abroad. On the other hand, they tend to impose their way of operating even when operating in a totally different context - and this can be both positive and negative with regards to corruption, since it depends on how corruption is being perceived within the organization: Often there is a lack of awareness and understanding of local practices and risk environment.

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