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CredAbility CEO Louise Brown interviewed in Svenska Dagbladet about corruption in the UN

Svenska Dagbladet reports yet another scandal in the UN, indicating inadequate leadership of an important UN body. It comes at the same time as the crisis in the UN agency UNRWA, where Chief Pierre Krähenbühl was forced from his position the other day following allegations of abuse of power and unethical behavior.

If the mismanagement is confirmed, this means that responsibility will be claimed. The alternative is as now that the top management chooses to put the lid on. It is a failure. Transparency and ability to act shine with their absence. There is no ethical compass when it is needed most.

If breaches against policies or regulations are confirmed, responsible functions will have to be held accountable. As is now, top management choses to put the lid on the scandal. This is, says Brown, a failure. There is clear lack of transparency and ability to act in a crisis situation which this truly is- when the so called moral compass is needed the most to guide the organization out of the negative spiral and safeguard trust in the organization as a whole.

Image courtesy of SvD as published 2019-11-11

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