• LC Brown

Mechanistic effort or sanity check?

A global Ethics & Compliance Hotline Benchmark Report 2019 published by NAVEX tells us that ethics and compliance officers have many opportunities to leverage data to improve their compliance programs – and their organizational culture of integrity and respect.

We fully appreciate the conclusions in the report which talks about the value of an accurate, comprehensive and holistic view of the cultural health of the organization. Managing relevant information, transforming it into value-creating, performance improving inputs will contribute! Using incoming whistle-blower information can as Navex discusses i

ncrease the rigor with which companies can track, investigate, analyze and resolve integrity issues.

Your whistle-blowing system is only as useful and trustworthy as your handling of incoming information. A system itself will not do the job. It is still the people who do the job.

What also merits repetition is the aspect of all actions that help prevent that issues emerge in the first place. Preventive efforts and effective elimination of risks rather than trouble-shooting should be the objective.

CredAbility helps companies assess the effectiveness of their whistle-blowing system, put in a broader context of several performance indicators, including awareness and trust in the credibility of reporting channels. We believe that most companies do want to better understand how useful of their system is and how it can be leveraged to continuously improve their integrity compliance management system. Otherwise the investment is merely a sunk cost.

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