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Financial Times interview with CredAbility co-founder Louise Brown

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

In an article on the banking´s 'Nordic Noir', CredAbility co-founder and chair of Transparency International Sweden was interviewed discussing why Swedish and Danish banks are embroiled in a massive money laundering scandal in the Baltic states.

"For the Nordic countries, whose way of life is built on high levels of trust, the impact could be disastrous. “It [the loss of trust] is the most unfortunate outcome of this,” says Louise Brown, chair of Transparency International in Sweden. “People in general don’t feel that banks are functioning properly or that regulators are credible. It will impact how people behave — if at elections or in everyday behaviour.”

Article by Richard Milne 2019-04-05 The Big Read Money-laundering The Russian shadow over banking´s Nordic noir.

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