• LC Brown

Politicians´ potential misuse of benefits and housing allowances under scrutiny

Generous housing allowances and benefits available to members of the Swedish parliament have been under massive scrutiny in the last few weeks. A growing number of politicians have according to media reports been abusing their public positions for private gain, by way of securing various benefits that they should perhaps not be ethically, fairly entitled to.

To comment on this and offer a solution, Louise Brown, co-founder of CredAbility, was invited to TV4 Morning News Show on the 6th May. There is a Code of Conduct in place for all members of the Swedish parliament since late 2016, and the Minister for Civil Affairs, Ardalan Shekarabi recently announced that all cabinet ministers should undertake an obligatory ethics training.

Brown proposed an “ethical drivers´ license”, to ensure and validate a basic understanding and ability to apply the Code of Conduct. A direct parallel can be drawn to integrity compliance work in general – a Code and training is good, however without validation of the effectiveness of these elements, the value is limited.

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