Integrity Compliance Advisory

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Training and awareness is key to building a pro-active organisation, able to identify and manage corruption and intrity issues. It is also a requirement in the UK Bribery Act and in the ISO37001. An increasing number of companies carry out anti-corruption training in various forms. It could be class-room training or e-learrning. For training to be successful, it has to reflect the context of your organisation and your busienss model. We see ample of cases where training is carried out as a one-off, one-size-fits-all exercise. That will give only limited effect and limited return on investment. 

Many companies develop or purchase an e-learning system, implement it and then regard the work as completed.

The effectiveness of your anti-corruption training is assessed as part of the CredAbility platform. We can also carry out a stand-alone review of your training and develop new contents to allow you to upgrade and train your organisation continuously, according to your current operational needs. Quick market expansion or new business model? Uncertain outcomes from earlier training sessions? 

CredAbility´s Dilemma-Generator provides new, challenging contents for organisations that are serious about achieving a robust organisation. 


Policy Development & Policy Evaluation

Policies are perishable goods. 

Your policy and code of conduct are instrumental documents guiding your anti-corruption management system. To achieve global best practice,  these documents need to reflect the context of your organisation and current business needs.

A policy needs to spell out certain key contents to become effective. Just like with training and awareness-raising, your policy is perishable goods. We assume that your business is not at a complete standstill. A policy from yesteryear will not properly support your current busness plan.

CredAbility can stress-test your anti-corrupton policy and related documents (Code of Conduct, Ethics, Integrity Compliance), draft new or upgrade contents. 

Business Meeting

Integrity Risk Assessment

Clients often approach us with a general idea of what they need with regards to corruption and integrity risk assessment. 

The decisive starting-point is to look at your business model and the context of your organiation. This will help ensure that your sope and risk categorisation is relevant and serves actual needs. 

If your corruption and integrity risk assessment inadequate, the rest of your anti-corruption management system will fail. 

CredAbility develops risk assessment tools as a stand-alone delivery. It is never a a one-size fits all. Our approach can also be deployed for M&A processes.